Thursday, 14 June 2018

Monday 11th june 2018

In the weekend

On friday I went to stay at Sarshas house for my first time. We went down to the school, after we got changed. We played hide and seek then we went back to her house. Then we went to play with Sarsha’s Slime.

Then we made a hut so we can sleep in it. When we went to bed we sleeped on the floor. It was so Comfortable but before we went to bed we had a Milo and then we went to brush our teeth and then we went to bed.

Then on Saturday I asked my mum when I went home if sarsha can stay and mum said yes that sarsha can stay to night and when mum told Lara she made a bed for Sarsha to sleep in.

Then we went to my house and we played with sarsha's slim then we went to my and Lara’s room and we played mum’s dad’s and babies, Sarsha was the baby first. Lara was the seoned baby and I was the last baby. Then we had tea and ice cream then we went to bed.


Friday, 8 June 2018

tough times

when was a time you struggled the time when i struggled was when i had to do staff for my sister when she broke her arm.


on friday we made chese we made it with mrs bell and most of room four made morraliser chese and we made plastic.

what you would need                                                                                               
 1l drak top milk
2T lemon jucie
glass bowl
slotted spoon
2x plates
weight (such as a brick,
rock or basin of water)

   make the cheese

step 1 place 1l dark blue  milk into the glass bowl
step 2 heat on high for 4 minutes
step 3  remove from microwave and stir in 2T lemon jucie
Step 4 heat in the microwave on high for a further 2 minutes the milk the lemon juice mixture will curdle
Step 5 line the cheese mould with the cheese cloth and spoon the curds into it
Step 6 twist the top of the  cheesecloth to squeeze out any excess liquid.
step 7 put the cheese cloth wrapped paneer onto a plate and slightly flatten.
step8 place the second plate on top with a weight sitting on top of this to hlep drain any remaining whey
step 9 refrigerate for 15-20 minutes
step 10 the paneer is now ready to taste

Monday, 14 May 2018

Friday, 6 April 2018

ice cream

Ice Cream

What we did was make ice cram

The one I liked the best was the baked beans it was yum

What I soced them was

 The plum one was a 5 

The honey one was a 5

The pineapple one was a 4

The marmite one was a 1

The seaweed one was a 1

The honey puft  one was a 5+

The oats one was a 5

The baked beans one was a 5++++

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Monday, 19 March 2018